Kiss Kiss 101

Kissing Games

Spin the Bottle

Things you'll need:
An empty soda bottle
4 or more players

How to play:
Everyone that is playing sits in a circle around the bottle. The first player spins the bottle, and if it ends up pointing at someone of the opposite sex (or same sex, if that's ok with the player and the pointee), then the two people kiss in front of the group. Play then continues on to the next player, usually the next person in the circle.

Option 1: The 'Spinner' remains neutral, and spins the bottle twice... the two people it ends pointing at must kiss. Play then continues to the next Spinner, who also 'selects' two people to kiss.

Option 2: Play in the dark, substituting a flashlight for the bottle. This makes things a bit more interesting, and kisses in the dark can be quite a reward.

Option 3: You may have seen this version on a recent Polaroid camera commercial. Basically, you just replace the bottle with an instant camera. When the 2 players kiss, another person snaps an instant photo of the event. This also is a great way to save memories of particularly great spin-the-bottle games!

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Things you'll need:
A bunch of people to play
A dark room or closet
A time-keeping device (watch, stopwatch, clock, etc.)

How to play:
Seven Minutes in Heaven can be played many different ways... and in fact can be used as the 'reward/punishment' phase of many other kissing games.

At its most basic, Seven Minutes in Heaven is played by putting 2 people in a dark room or closet for 7 minutes. That's it. Pretty simple, huh?

How you select the people is up to you... you can draw names out of a hat, roll dice, play spin the bottle... the possibilities are endless. The important thing is that 2 people end up together in a dark space... then let the heaven begin!

As an added bonus, everyone left OUTSIDE the room can keep themselves occupied as well... heaven for everybody!

Staring Contest 

  One of the oldest games in the world has got to be the staring contest. Update this oldie with a kissing twist!

   The two contestants should sit comfortable facing each other. The object of the game is to "stare down" your opponent. When the game starts, the two contestants must stare into each other's eyes... the first to blink, laugh, or react in any other way is the 'loser', and must kiss the 'winner.'

Get the Gum

To play this game, you obviously need a piece of gum... choose a flavor that both partners like.

   One person chews the gum up a little. Then, the other player must kiss the gum chewer and try to get the gum out of their mouth, while the gum chewer tries to keep ahold of the gum! Once the second player gets the gum away, the first player then tries to get the gum back.

   This is a good game to practice using your tongues, and is good if you haven't done much tongue kissing before. It helps you relax a little and get used to using your tongue, putting it in someone else's mouth, and having their tongue in yours.

Guess the Flavor

Test your skill at identifying flavorful kissesThings you'll need:
- various candy and/or food items
(hard candy, skittles, and fruit work well)
- glasses of water for the players

How to play:
   First divide everyone into 2 teams... this can be boys vs. girls, by couples, or however you like. For this example, we'll say the teams are boys vs. girls.

   One team then must leave the room (the 'guessing team'), while the other team remains... this is the 'eating team.' The eating team must then each choose ONE kind of food or candy to eat... and then eat it. Once everyone is done with their treat, the 'guessing team' is let back into the room.

   Now you must select who gets to kiss who... this can be randomly, by couple, drawing names, spinning a bottle... there are lots of ways to choose couples! Each couple then kisses, and the guessing team then has to guess the food/candy that was eaten. You could make it harder by starting out with only a 'lip kiss' and then guessing, then moving onto 'tongue kisses,' etc. Couples can keep going until they guess right, or a limit can be set on guesses. Once everyone has gone (you can keep score by couple, etc.) the teams switch places, and the eating team must leave the room and become the 'guessing team'.

   Between rounds, everyone should take a drink of water to clear their mouths and make sure everyone has an equal taste.
- Submitted by Lindsay and Jonathan

Option 1: To make things a little more difficult, you can choose to have only 1 kind of candy... say Skittles or Jolly Ranchers. The guessers must then guess the specific flavor of that candy... since the differences in flavor between Skittles is generally pretty subtle, this definitely increases the difficulty.
- Submitted by Lindsay